Bitcoin Arbitrage
South Africa

We partner with the best arbitrage providers in South Africa

South africa
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How does arbitrage work?

Our Arbitrage partners help you take advantage of the Bitcoin price differences between local and international exchanges. In South Africa the local price of Bitcoin is higher than the price on international exchanges, and our partners capatilize on these price differences for you.

How much profit?

Through our arbitrage partners, you can typically make between R150k to R200k profit per year

It's safe

Cape Crypto partners with the best arbitrage providers in the country who only make profit when you make a profit. No subscription or once-off fees.

Who can sign up?

Cape Crypto Arbitrage is only available to South African citizens. You also need to be eligible for a SA bank account, and have your tax affairs in order.

You need your own working capital (at least R200k)

Ready to get started?

Simply submit a support request and one of our team will get in touch with you

to get you started on your arbitrage journey